Helping VIP Work in the States

Democracy Works is a nonpartisan, nonprofit dedicated to the idea that voting should fit the way we live. In this guest post, Noma Thayer, data technologist for Democracy Works’ VIP team, offers insight into her role working with local elections offices around the country. Read more.

Ohio Tests New Standard for Election Night Results Reporting

Election night results reporting is often the most public part of an election official’s job. Consolidating returns from jurisdictions that employ various data formatting, vendors, and equipment can be difficult. By instituting a standard data structure, however, election officials can streamline the delivery of results from precincts to county election offices to the state. Read more.

Los Angeles County Promotes Voting Information Through New Channels

Los Angeles County turned to Pew’s Voting Information Project (VIP), making the county’s official information available through VIP’s free tools and apps, including the customizable Voting Information Tool (VIT) and the texting or short messaging service tool, which provide voters easy access to election information online and through mobile devices. Read more.

The Voting Information Project—Plans for 2015

The Voting Information Project (VIP) is looking forward to a busy and productive year in 2015. The project will support a number of elections and assist states in automating the delivery of official data to increase its availability for more elections, from statewide contests to municipal races; and convene a group of election officials to provide feedback and guidance for its work. Read more.

Voters Use Social Media and Mobile Devices to Find Voting Information

During the 2014 midterm elections, voters found election information on their mobile devices and shared it through the social networks at remarkable rates. Analytics from show that there were just under 8 million visits to the site, with most occurring on Election Day, allowing users to locate their polling places and see what was on their ballots. More than 72 percent of those users visited the site with a mobile device. Read more.

Welcome to the new VIP website

We’re happy to welcome you to the new Voting Information Project website. Not only have we redesigned the website with a snazzy new interface, but we have made it easier to find the information and content you need to ensure that, as we head into the 2014 election, voters get the information they need to vote. Read more.

Get to the Polls

The Voting Information Project is thrilled to partner with The Internet Association to host Powered by the Google Civic Information API and in conjunction with the world’s leading technology companies, this page will help voters find all the information they need to Get to the Polls this November 4th. Read more.

VIP Offers Online and Mobile Tools for 2014

Pew’s Voting Information Project (VIP) will offer free apps and tools for the 2014 election that deliver polling place locations and ballot information across a range of technology platforms. Read more.

A Kansas County Demonstrates the Value of Online Election Information

Johnson County, Kansas, is a leader in voter information and outreach efforts. In 2008, the county introduced a novel voter education campaign known as JoCoPoLo (Johnson County Polling Locator), which includes a website and text messaging service allowing voters to look up their polling locations. The positive impacts were immediate: The number of provisional ballots issued to voters who were at the wrong polling places fell 84 percent, from 4,267 in 2004 to just 668 in 2008. Read more.

New Online Tools for Absentee Voters

Americans casting absentee ballots have access to two new online tools to get election information, thanks to the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) and the U.S. Vote Foundation. Read more.