Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Who is VIP?

Who pays for VIP?

  • As a project of Democracy Works, we're supported by a board of directors and the generosity of individual donors.

  • You can review our financial disclosures here. 

Where does VIP get its data? 

  • VIP works with state and county election administrators to get official data that is never published without the explicit consent of the election administrators. States and counties send VIP data exports that conform to the VIP specification so that it can then be published through the Google Civic Information API.

Is any personal information shared through VIP?

  • No. VIP only incorporates public, non-personally identifiable information, and delivers voting information based solely on address and no other information.

I’m a voter…

How do I register to vote or request an absentee ballot?

  • For help registering to vote or requesting an absentee ballot, visit TurboVote also sends election reminders so you will never miss another election.

  • If you have questions about voter registration in your state, please visit

Where is the absentee ballot I requested or was my vote counted?

How do I tell VIP your data is wrong?

  • Please submit an error through

    • Enter the address for which the error is occurring

    • Click “Report an Error” in the upper right hand corner of the page

I’m an organization doing get out the vote work…

What elections is VIP data available for now?

What elections will VIP cover and when will it be available?

  • To see upcoming elections for which VIP will provide data, please see this list, which is updated frequently. We generally try to publish data about 21 days before an election.

I would like to enable others to find VIP election information through my site or app. How do I get started?

Who should I contact with questions about implementation?

i’m a state or local election official…

How can I participate?

I already participate in VIP, how can I find more information?

Why should I trust VIP?

  • VIP is part of Democracy Works, a trusted, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing voters with tools to make voting fit the way we live. Our organization is a member of the Election Infrastructure Subsector Coordinating Council. As a part of this membership Democracy Works receives updates from DHS that allows us to ensure that we are playing an active role in maintaining election security. VIP itself has a decade-long history and has been supported by reputable institutions such as the Pew Charitable Trust and Google. We currently work with 44 states and the District of Columbia and we are honored to have the support of hundreds of election officials who work with us everyday to help make voting a simple, seamless process.  

How can I use VIP?

I’m a funder…

What kind of impact does VIP have?

  • In 2016, VIP data helped over 120 million people find information about their local, state, and national elections. The data is used by Facebook, Snap, Instagram, Twitter, Google, the DNC, RNC, and several other partners to mobilize millions of voters to get to the polls. 

How can I support VIP and who should I contact with questions?

I’m an academic…

How can I access historical polling location data?

  • VIP does not currently have the capability to provide historical polling location data, but we hope to be able to provide this in the future.

I’m a reporter…

Who should I contact?