Who Run The World? Geeks.

GeekNet is hosted in partnership by the Election Academy at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs and The Pew Center on the States.  It is the prime place for election administrators and tech folks to share their big challenges and bigger solutions to meet voters’ needs.


GeekNetMN took place June 13-15 in charming Minneapolis.  23 states were represented by over 40 people who engaged in lively discussions ranging from voter personas to FVAP grants to geospatial analysis.  It was a geeky good time.  Seriously, the room was bananas over e-poll books.


The Voting Information Project presented on our current status of VAVE development and deployment, polling place and candidate information, and the Rules of the Road.  The crowd was more than warm, they were hot for all the progress and impact of the project.


A huge thanks to Doug Chapin at the Humphrey School and David Becker at Pew for hosting a fantastic event!

Michelle Shim