No More Straight Party Ticket Voting for New Mexico

The state of New Mexico made the decision this week to get rid of the option to vote a straight party ticket. When New Mexico voters head to the polls in November they will now have to individually select candidates for each position rather than pulling the lever for one party’s candidates.

According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran made the decision because there is “no provision in state law specifically authorizing it.” In fact, there are only 13 states in the country that allow straight ticket voting.

What remains to be seen is the effect this decision will have on 2012 general election. Voters will now need to be more well-informed to make decisions about who they select at the polls since they can no longer rely on that single party bubble on their ballot. That’s where the Voting Information Project comes in.

New Mexico is one of the 36 states participating in the Voting Info Project which means New Mexico voters will have easy access to critical information on the candidates on their ballot. KOB News reports that 41 percent of New Mexico voters voted straight party tickets in the last general election, but in November 2012 that same 41 percent will have to vote for each position individually. The Voting Info Project will serve as a great resource to voters across the state seeking more information about their local and state candidates as well as other critical election information.

Michelle Shim