Get to the Polls Launches for 2015 Elections

The Pew Charitable TrustsVoting Information Project (VIP), in collaboration with The Internet Association, is relaunching the Get to the Polls website—after its successful debut in 2014—to help voters find the information they need to vote this fall. The site allows voters to enter their addresses and find the location and hours of their polling place and ballot and candidate information. Get to the Polls will be available from October 22 through November 3 and displays voting information for all VIP-supported statewide and municipal elections.

Get to the Polls was accessed roughly 8 million times in 2014, with nearly 7 million views originating from Facebook. Fifteen organizations participated in the initiative, including some of the country’s largest tech companies; this year’s participants include Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Foursquare, and Google.

VIP, a project of The Pew Charitable Trusts, is a partnership with the states and Google to ensure that American voters have the official information they need to cast a ballot, such as where to vote and what’s on the ballot.

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Michelle Shim