Welcome to the new VIP website

We’re happy to welcome you to the new Voting Information Project website. Not only have we redesigned the website with a snazzy new interface, but we have made it easier to find the information and content you need to ensure that, as we head into the 2014 election, voters get the information they need to vote.

Take a look through the site. Specifically note…

  • More Useful Content – Check out our News tab for weekly content from the VIP team and those interested in the project.

  • Updated Projects Page – This has all the free apps and tools that provide polling place locations and ballot information for the 2014 election across a range of technology platforms including an iOS app, an Android app, and a mobile-optimized, white-label voting information tool that can be easily embedded on any website and in multiple languages.

  • Get Involved – We have so many opportunities for people to get involved including embedding the tools on your website to offering suggestions to our application code on GitHub, to participating in the VIP specification. So stop bench-warming and head to “Get Involved” to see what you can do today.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you back here early and often.

Michelle Shim