Help Pennsylvania Voters Find Their Polling Places On April 24

Pennsylvania voters will head to their polling places on April 24th to cast votes in the Pennsylvania Primary.  They may or may not know exactly where to go.  You can help!

The Voting Information Project has partnered with Google and the Pennsylvania Department of State to develop a gadget that will return reliable election information when Pennsylvania voters type in their address where they are registered to vote.  We can’t figure out the gadget’s best feature - It’s free. It’s fast. It displays official data.  It is a total catch.

Oh, and it’s easy.  Simply customize your gadget on a Google site with the Election ID 2114, copy the code, and run with it. The entire process takes about 90 seconds.  What else can you do in 90 seconds?  For starters, you can sing the national anthem.

Michelle Shim