Gadget Maintenance: You Get The Gadget And Then What?

Similar to the Aston Martin parked in our building’s garage, the Google gadget polling place look-up tool is very awesome. And just like a fine automobile, the gadget requires maintenance. If only it were as simple as plopping the free gadget on your website and letting it work its civic magic forever. For all of you who have embedded the tool, we sing thank you! The Voting Information Project would like to use this post to share some simple steps to help keep the gadget useful to you and your readers.

Let’s begin:

  1. You grab a gadget, customize it, and embed the code on your site.

  2. The gadget helps thousands of your readers find their polling places on Election Day! High-fives ensue.

  3. After the election, the data is no longer live, thus returning blank results to users that fail to show a polling place. This is the opposite intention of the project.

  4. After an election, we suggest hiding the webpage until you can update the Election ID.

  5. Election IDs, as they become available, can be found here on our blog!  Just like that. Or this.

Also like the Aston Martin, the gadget will make you incredibly popular with everyone. Try and see! 

Please check-in frequently for all the latest and greatest from the Voting Information Project.

Michelle Shim