VIP Continues to Support Elections Through 2018

The Voting Information Project (VIP) is significantly expanding its support of federal, state, and local elections in 2018. As it did in 2017 during key special and off-year elections, VIP will provide critical information, such as polling place locations and ballot information, to voters who will cast ballots in more than 100 elections, including statewide and federal primary and general races in at least 46 states and the District of Columbia. 

VIP is a partnership among The Pew Charitable Trusts, Google, and the states to ensure that voters have the official information they need to answer basic questions such as “Where is my polling place?” and “What’s on my ballot?” VIP data is available at no cost through a customizable widget and SMS tool, as well as the website Get to the Polls. Web and app developers can also use the Google Civic Information API to include VIP data in their applications.

All information below is subject to change.

State Election type Election date
OR Oregon Special Election 1/23
RI  Scituate Referendum Election 1/23
VA Leesburg Special Election 2/6
WA Washington Special Election 2/13
OK Oklahoma School and Special Election 2/13
LA Louisiana House Special Election 2/17
WI Wisconsin Spring Primary Election 2/20
AL Alabama State House District 4 Special Republican Primary Runoff Election 2/27
AL Alabama State House District 4 Special Democratic Primary Runoff Election
AZ Arizona 8th Congressional District Special Primary Election 2/27
OK Oklahoma Special Election 3/6
TX Texas Primary Election 3/6
PA Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District Special Election 3/13
IL Illinois Primary Election 3/20
LA Louisiana Primary Municipal Election 3/24
AL Alabama House District 21 General Special Election 3/27
WI Wisconsin Spring Election 4/3
OK Oklahoma School and Special Runoff Election 4/3
NJ New Jersey School Budget Election 4/17
AZ Arizona 8th Congressional District Primary Special Election 4/24
WA Washington Special Election 4/24
LA Lousiana General Municipal Election 4/28
VA Virginia General Election 5/1
IN Indiana Primary Election 5/8
NC North Carolina Primary Election 5/8
OH Ohio Primary Election 5/8
WV West Virginia Primary Election 5/8
ID Idaho Primary Election 5/15
NE Nebraska Primary Election 5/15
OR Oregon Primary Election 5/15
PA Pennsylvania Primary Election 5/15
AR Arkansas Primary Election 5/22
GA Georgia Primary Election 5/22
KY Kentucky Primary Election 5/22
TX Texas Primary Runoff Election 5/22
AL Alabama Primary Election 6/5
CA California Primary Election 6/5
IA Iowa Primary Election 6/5
MS Mississippi Primary Election 6/5
MT Montana Primary Election 6/5
NJ New Jersey Primary Election 6/5
NM New Mexico Primary Election 6/5
ND North Dakota Primary Election 6/12
NV Nevada Primary Election 6/12
SC South Carolina Primary Election 6/12
VA Virginia Primary Election 6/12
DC District of Columbia Primary Election 6/19
CO Colorado Primary Election 6/26
MD Maryland Primary Election 6/26
MS Mississippi Primary Runoff Election 6/26
NY New York Primary Election 6/26
OK Oklahoma Primary Election 6/26
SC South Carolina Primary Election 6/26
UT Utah Primary Election 6/26
AL Alabama Primary Runoff Election 7/17
NC North Carolina Primary Runoff Election 7/17
GA Georgia Primary Runoff Election 7/24
KS Kansas Primary Election 8/7
MI Michigan Primary Election 8/7
MO Missouri Primary Election 8/7
WA Washington Primary Election 8/7
HI Hawaii Primary Election 8/11
CT Connecticut Primary Election 8/14
MN Minnesota Primary Election 8/14
VT Vermont Primary Election 8/14
WI Wisconsin Primary Election 8/14
AK Alaska Primary Election 8/21
WY Wyoming Primary Election 8/21
AL Alabama Municipal Election 8/28
AZ Arizona Primary Election 8/28
FL Florida Primary Election 8/28
OK Oklahoma Primary Runoff Election 8/28
DE Delaware Primary Election 9/6
RI Rhode Island Primary Election 9/11
NY New York Primary Election 9/13
MA Massachusetts Primary Election 9/18
AK Alaska General Election 11/6
AL Alabama General Election 11/6
AR Arkansas General Election 11/6
AZ Arizona General Election 11/6
CA California General Election 11/6
CO Colorado General Election 11/6
CT Connecticut General Election 11/6
DE Delaware General Election 11/6
DC District of Columbia General Election 11/6
FL Florida General Election 11/6
GA Georgia General Election 11/6
HI Hawaii General Election 11/6
IA Iowa General Election 11/6
ID Idaho General Election 11/6
IL Illinois General Election 11/6
IN Indiana General Election 11/6
KS Kansas General Election 11/6
KY Kentucky General Election 11/6
LA Louisiana General Election 11/6
MA Massachusetts General Election 11/6
MD Maryland General Election 11/6
MI Michigan General Election 11/6
MN Minnesota General Election 11/6
MO Missouri General Election 11/6
MS Mississippi General Election 11/6
MT Montana General Election 11/6
NC North Carolina General Election 11/6
ND North Dakota General Election 11/6
NE Nebraska General Election 11/6
NJ New Jersey General Election 11/6
NM New Mexico General Election 11/6
NV Nevada General Election 11/6
NY New York General Election 11/6
OH Ohio General Election 11/6
OK Oklahoma General Election 11/6
OR Oregon General Election 11/6
PA Pennsylvania General Election 11/6
RI Rhode Island General Election 11/6
SC South Carolina General Election 11/6
TX Texas General Election 11/6
UT Utah General Election 11/6
VA Virginia General Election 11/6
VT Vermont General Election 11/6
WA Washington General Election 11/6
WI Wisconsin General Election 11/6
WV West Virginia General Election 11/6
WY Wyoming General Election 11/6
AR Arkansas General Runoff Election 12/4
GA Georgia General Nonfederal Runoff Election 12/4
LA Louisiana Runoff Election 12/8
GA Georgia General Federal Runoff Election 1/8/2019

Alexis Schuler is the senior director and Monica Leibovitz is an officer for election initiatives at The Pew Charitable Trusts.