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  1. ElectionDesk Provides a Social Media Platform for Election Officials

    Mathias Hansen, our guest poster and engineering director for Engage, discusses the ongoing development of ElectionDesk.

  2. Hackathon Produces New Apps for Elections Information

    On March 28 and 29, the Voting Information Project, or VIP, hosted a hackathon in San Francisco at the Impact Hub, bringing together designers and developers who created applications that make election information more accessible to voters.

  3. The District of Columbia Releases Mobile App

    The District of Columbia Board of Elections recently launched a mobile application, DCBOE VOTE.

  4. VIP Hosts Hackathon in San Francisco

    On Friday and Saturday, March 28 and 29, the Voting Information Project, or VIP, is hosting a civic hackathon at the Impact Hub in San Francisco.

  5. VIP Supports April 1 Primary in DC

    The District of Columbia’s April 1 primary will be the first that the Voting Information Project supports in 2014.

  6. Vermont Chooses New Software for Managing Elections

    Vermont recently signed a contract to develop new software for its elections system. The software will make a number of online tools and resources available to Vermont voters, such as registration status and election information.

  7. Election Officials Struggle With Voting Machine Expirations

    A generation of voting machines is approaching the end of its life span. The Presidential Commission on Election Adminstration made strong recommendations to address this looming crisis. Fortunately, some jurisdiction are proactively taking on these challenges.

  8. The Voting Information Project in 2014

    In 2014, the Voting Information Project (VIP) will be working with all 50 states and the District of Columbia to provide important voting information to voters across the nation. In addition to the November election, VIP is planning to provide…

  9. Primary Election Data Live for the Big Apple!

    The Google Civic Information API is now live with VIP data for the NYC Primary Election occurring September 10, 2013.

  10. VIP Participant States Recieve Awards at NASS Conference

    VIP and Google recognized exceptional member states during an award ceremony at the July 2013 NASS Conference.

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